Systems and Services for the Knowledge Industry



Our web-based booklist management service for publishers and distributors is built around the international ONIX bibliographic data standard. However with BooksoniX, you don't need to know anything about ONIX to use it successfully. You can:

  • enter and edit rich information about your books online or import it from other systems.
  • automatically disseminate this to trade partners and bibliographic data agencies such as Bowker and Nielsen.
  • generate marketing materials quickly and easily - AI sheets, catalogues, order forms, price lists, emails etc.
  • use the very flexible workflow scheduling tool to manage key processes such as producing new titles, sales & marketing activities etc.

Packaged Software Solutions

Boxed solution

We offer a number of powerful and flexible software solutions for electronic publishing and knowledge management applications:

Abstracting & Indexing Services
Directory Publishing
Online Information Services
Online Book & Document Databases
Library Catalogues


Custom Software Development


We pride ourselves on the functionality and flexibility of our software. However, sometimes requirements aren't fully addressed by existing versions. We're always willing to discuss developing our software – whether it's relatively minor such as adapting some specific functionality, adjusting the user interface or writing a routine to exchange data with another system; a larger task like writing a new module to provide totally new functionality; or developing a completely new application or interface.



Custom Software Development

For Advanced and Non-Standard Requirements.


We have developed many custom solutions for clients where the requirements could not be met easily using an existing version of Headfast. Sometimes we based our development on Headfast's database technology. At other times we have used another database system or developed the total application from scratch.

The custom systems we have produced are varied. They have included a document scanning system, an image management system, a production and typesetting system for a bi-annual bibliography, and an Apple Macintosh version of a chemical CD-ROM.

Our software expertise is not confined to Headfast applications. We are equally capable of developing applications and publications using other commercial packages.

Whatever the environment, our flexible approach keeps us in tune with your requirements and ensures that you to achieve the results you require.

Experience, expertise and adaptability are what characterise Headfast. It is no coincidence that they are also the key requisites for successful evolution.